The last 3 weeks have been quite the whirlwind. I raced TriRock Philadelphia at the end of June, and here I am on my way back from the Lifetime New York City Triathlon. I basically worked every day between the two races. And all that work included a promotion at Sport Systems. I am excited to take on the a buyer position in the store, despite the added hours. I am very fortunate that the company also supports my aspirations in professional racing. I feel pretty luck to be able to chase my dreams on the race course, and build my work experience in the direction of product design and development.  

On Friday morning I departed Albuquerque and made it to LaGuardia without interruption. I was very lucky with this trip because my friend Ben Collins helped me out and shared his room. All it cost me was some coffee. Well a lot of coffee. It almost looks like I was smuggling drugs, but nah. It was the next best thing, a few bags from Red Rock Roasters. however, this deal was only good for Saturday and Sunday nights. So I just found the cheapest hotel I could in Queens Friday night. 

I caught a cab and made my way to the host hotel in the morning. I built my bike in the lobby and checked my luggage in at the counter so I could get out and ride around central park. I was actually shocked at how nice central park was, and also how hilly this run course was going to be. I figured out what I could about the course on my bike ride and the pro meeting. I then had a simple dinner with Trista, her family, and a few others. I did my best to ignore the stress of Manhattan. 

The Sunday morning start time was brutal and I got to bed as soon as I could. which was hard due to my body clock set two hours back. The alarm was set to the ungodly hour of 4 am. Ben and I road over to the course around 4:30, set up our bikes, then proceeded up river to the swim start to warm up. 

I knew that the swim in the Hudson was going to be dirty, but I underestimated how bad it was going to be. Thank God that the swim was down stream at peak tide. So I only spent a little over 13 minutes in the water for my 1500 meter swim. Man i was glad get out of the garbage and run the near half mile to transition. I passed a few guys on the run up to the bikes to a slower than normal T1, but made it out on the highway in good shape. This bike was hillier and harder than I predicted, but I still held my own and recorded a new average power personal best. Right off the bike I kinda felt like my run was going to be a little lack luster. Again it was a hillier than predicted, but I still caught several guys. I didn’t quite have enough in me to catch 10th place at the very end in the finish chute, so I ended up 11th. I don’t think my body got the chance to actually wake up enough. 

I am very happy with this race though. I swam well, and didn't loose too much ground. I biked strong. And even with an average run, placing behind likes of Ben Collins, Cameron Dye, Jessie Tomas, Jason Pedersen, and Jason west was not shameful. The prize purse was small this year and only went 3 deep. But that is the state of the Olympic non draft scene at the moment. I am not coming home with a paycheck this trip, but I am still returning with some improvements marked. 

I got back to the hotel and had my bike broken down and pack by noon. I ate and took a nap, then spent the evening with Ben and some of his friends. We even made it to comedy show in Greenwich Village. It was worth it. I will be back next year. 

Next Up: Age Group Nationals Double Super Sprint on the second weekend in August.