The Multisport Gods turned gave me a month of duathlons. TriRock Philadelphia ended up dropping the swim just like ITU Dallas. Due to heavy rain fall leading up to the race, the Schuylkill river became unsafe. So now the race became a time trial style 40k bike into a 10k run. The professionals started off the day like normal, but we started from a stand still on the bike at 20 second intervals. The age groupers then started off every 2-3 seconds after the pros completed one lap of the two lap bike course. Due to the interval start, there was no real way to see your position in the race, and your performance came down to racing yourself. 

We got the news about 1pm on Saturday that the race would be converted to a duathlon. It was already raining at that time as I was hanging out at my aunt and uncle’s house in West Chester. Once the pro meeting rolled around at the venue, rain was pouring down. And it continued that way all night. The rain began to life race morning. But transition was basically a swamp and everyone did their best to ignore how wet and sloppy it was. 

I was the 7th pro to take off, and this technical two lap course got the best of me with the wet drizzling conditions. There were some steep uphills and downhills and lots of blind corners that I probably could have taken harder. I previewed the course by car as best as I could, but there were definitely some one ways and turns that you could not drive in normal traffic. And just that little bit of mystery added to some of my hesitancy as I race this course for the first time. There were also a few situations where 4-5 of us were racing in a tight group. We all were working hard to maintain the stager and draft zone rules, and consequently there were times I had to ease up a bit to avoid a penalty. Also, I burnt a few to many matches on some of the climbs, and my power numbers sank a bit near the end of the last lap while my heart rate remained the same. At this point I was worried if I had just sacrificed my run to avoid being passed on a few hard, steep climbs. I averaged a better power number than normal on my new Cervelo P3, but my inaccuracy, and hesitations on the course added up and I lost time on the bike. 

But thank God I still had a strong run in me. My new bike and new fit allowed me to unleash a new personal record off the bike. I ran a 31:46 and earn some cash with a 4th place in the Pro Men. I was thrilled to have another race that catered to my strengths. But I am still aching to have a chance to prove my self with a true triathlon in the pro field. None the less I walk away from this month with a small, but very present profit in my weekend job, triathlon. Next up is Lifetime New York City.