This year will indeed be an adventure. 

The recent deconstruction of the Rev 3, Lifetime, and 5150 professional triathlon circuits leave a lot of pros like myself scrambling to put together a 2015 short course season. Sure, there is the option to step up to the 70.3 or 140.3 distances, or completely reinvent and go Xterra. But I still choose to juggle the draft legal and non draft legal short course circuits. This upset is a reminder of how young and vulnerable our sport truly is, and just how much giant corporate race production companies can influence the entirety of American triathlon. Without the short course connection in this country, could we loose our grip on performing in the world ITU scene? or the ability to even grow faster long course pros? I am hopeful for a reinvented short course scene in the next year or two. It is just a matter of who out there will take the challenge. 

Aside from creatively producing a race schedule, I have started a construction project at my house. A small dispute over the property line with my neighbor became a catalyst for a wall project I have been dreaming up since Bill was alive. So, it actually is quite rewarding to take some action and invest in the property. But all this does take a toll. After working and training all day, I am up late designing and planning work with contractors. Such as life, right? 

Another huge remodel has been under way at Sport Systems. We have received some help from Specialized and have completely reimagined our downstairs bike department. This freshening up was definitely needed, but man it has made work quite busy and stressful. For those of you that know me, I am a compulsive neat freak. So imagine me working in a constant disheveled mess. But with of course it is all for the greater good, and I can’t wait for the unveiling. 

So yes, I feel like my world has been under construction lately; Professionally, domestically, fundamentally. Still, I find a strange sort of comfort in all the renewal. Now, if I could only keep up on sleep! 

Next up: St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Fl at the end of April.

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