I started this year fresh. At least that is how it feels. Training has been on target, and every day I improve just a little more. As I spend more time racing as a professional triathlete, the more I realize how much work it will take to be one of the best. Somehow this perspective has motivated and inspired me for this season. 

First things first. I always start the year at my coach's winter triathlon camp. This year Trista brought a select group of amateurs, elite amateurs and a few pros to Clermont, Florida. I had spent a little time in the area for some races. But I never fully appreciated what this area has to offer until now. We spent the week swimming at the National Training Center, Cycling through endless rolling hills on country roads or along lakes, and yes, running on the infamous clay road. 

This camp could not have come sooner. I was approaching a rut with the work and training cycle back in Albuquerque, and I was ready for training to kick up a notch. I was so pleased with the company during this week of training. And now, I am feeling like all my years of training are approaching a very successful season. 

Tomorrow I return to New Mexico with some momentum. 

I'll be back to Florida in April for Lifetime Miami and St. Anthony's for my season openers.