It has been busy summer for me. Such as life is for everyone. So my apologies on the radio silence. What follows is the abridged version of my 2014 season thus far.


I got a little more training in the bank and went back to florida for my first NDL race of 2014. Miami was a blast. The course and venue were awesome. The swim started as soon as the sun rose and we swam the 1500m paralleling the beach. There were 3-4 foot swells and it made sighting and holding a straight line hard for me. At one point I wondered if I died, as I felt I was doomed to swim in those swells with endless sighting buoys forever. I eventually got to the swim exit. I didn't have the speediest swim, but i was not the last male pro out of the water. The bike course was a blast and it was actually a bit hilly as we went over several bridges several times. The run was no piece of cake either, the last mile was on the sand! yikes. I was happy to post 12th place. It was also my 26th birthday.  


I love racing a few local triathlons in Alubquerque. The Retro Rio Grande tri is a blast, as it was a themed race. I had way too much fun. I also use these races to practice with new equipment. This race I had new Zipp firecrest race wheels and a new Stages Power meter and garmin to try.

Albuquerque has a lot of run, bike, swim triathlons as there isn't much open water near the city. I clock a 14:45 5k to open this race, but paid for it on the bike. And if you think you struggle with swimming in general, swimming after a max effort run and bike takes that struggle to a whole new level. The newly formed Southwest Tri 3 elite triathlon team was out, as were all the crazy local triathletes. I can't wait for next year!


In April I approached a friend who worked at a local coffee roasting company about a sponsorship possibilities. After some conversations they decided to partner with them for the remainder of the 2014 season. Red Rock Roasters is a local specialty coffee roastery, and i am proud to have them as liquid motivation sponsor.   (

Jay Benson is actually one of the oldest triathlons in the USA. This year was the 34th annual race I believe. This is especially cool since it is a reverse sprint. I dialed back on my run a bit this time and focused on the bike leg. This race is definitely worth a try if you want to change up the usual SBR order. 


My time in Austin for this race was a blast! I traveled out with team mate Sierra Smith. We were lucky to stay with a friend about 400 meters from the venue. I love that the downtown was essentially blocked off for us this day. The swim in Town Lake went well, a decent swim for me. And I managed to hold my own on the 4 loop bike that was actually full of turns. I started the run with some solid speed, but started to fall apart the last two miles. Despite this, I snagged 10th place. Which was my goal. I wanted a top 10 and that counts! There were a lot of Albuquerque racers too! Lauren Thompson, Michael Barney, Randy Arriola, William Kessler, Terry and Shawn Casey and a few more toed the line. This trip was equal amounts fun, relaxing and business.  


Boulder Peak is always a special marker for me. It was my first olympic race in 2012 and my first pro NDL race in 2013. This year I ended up 13th, but still proud of the day.  All I ask is that I get a bit better every day and every race. And I am definitely on that trajectory! 


I had the privilege of crashing with Ben Collins while in Chicago for this Lifetime race. It definitely took some stress away from the traveling. I posted my best swim of the season, and held good power for the bike and ran really strong. But since I am still down a bit out of the water I don't have many people to fight it out with. So aside from racing alone most of the event, I did manage another 12th place. It was probably by best race this season, but when the likes of Kemper, Reed, Collins, Dye fill the top ten, I have to remind myself that I am improving despite my place across the finish line. 


I'll be completing my season in California on October 26th. I'll post a report immediately after, and not wait 4 months again.