The last three months were probably the hardest three months I have ever lived. And they came at the end of year full of sacrifice and learning.

About a year ago I moved into the Olympic Training Center to train for USA triathlon. This move was a huge risk. I left behind my job as a barista and a budding small career in graphics and architecture. I gave indefinite goodbyes to friends and a tight triathlon training circuit. I also gave up a very important element of control in my life.

I was under the impression that the training center was going to be the land of milk and honey. I thought all my deficiencies and problems would be solved; and that my career into triathlete stardom would be stream lined. What this year would turn out to be was a long series of lessons, tough situations, pressure, and some not so great races. What I lacked in results and success in 2013, I made up for in experience, connections, and a much better perspective on multisport.

Most of the year was spent problem solving my swim, which yo-yoed the rest of my training and left me in a hole by the time my stint at the OTC ended. I did snag my pro card with a phenomenal race in April before I started to slip into a bad place. As the shape of my training changed my races started to go poorly, I lost my mental and physical sharpness. Even after leaving Colorado Springs and racing some non drafting triathlons, I never felt fully engaged with my racing. By the end of the season, my coach Trista Francis helped me get it all back together physically. My body was prepped very well for the Double Super Sprint in San Diego, but my mind never made it back to the right place and the race was over pretty quickly for me as I was lapped out after the first swim.

After everything that happened this year, I was really left wondering if I was as talented I thought, or if what I produced was really the best case scenario. But 2014 is a new opportunity and I have reassessed my goals, and my motivations have transformed for the better.

So, I was definitely ready for some down time and finally settle back into Albuquerque and dust off all of my relationships and sort out earning an income and start brainstorming for 2014. Then bam, my car died. And wouldn’t un-die. Mysterious electrical problems plagued my Volkswagen all fall and left it shop ridden. During this time I was left to bike commuting all over the city for work and training. Though time in the saddle wasn’t necessarily bad, I was still left out of balance. Also in the midst of this month, my close family friend who was a father figure and mentor to me was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.  I finally got my car back and made it back to Leadville for Christmas, only to see Bill for the last time. He passed on December 27. I lost my drive and passion for training as I mourned. This man held me before my mother at birth and has backed me on all my life goals.

I was so glad to start the New Year and leave 2013 in the dust. The first thing on my to do list was a training camp in Cozumel with my coach and a team mate, Sierra Smith. It was just what I needed emotionally, physically and mentally to get back on track. The week training on the island literally brought me back to life. I’ll touch more on this trip next post. Unfortunately just as I got some traction in life I got in a car wreck and totaled my car when I returned. That really sucked. But I dealt with it and kept moving forward. Luckily no one was injured and my insurance covered everything.  

It is nice to break the radio silence. I am back on track finally. And oddly enough, I am excited to race this year and see what happens.  



Thanks to Trista Francis of iTz Multisport, Chasing 3, Melanzana, Team Psycho, Tifosi Optics, and Pedal Power for supporting me in 2013.



Current mantras:

“you have to move through mediocrity on your way to perfection”

“hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work”

“People of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them, they go out and happen to things.