Just recently on April 6th, I turned 25. Not that I feel any older physically, or really even mentally, but did wake up feeling extra adult on this day. Suddenly, I gained some perspective on my life.

One year ago, I raced my first post-collegiate triathlon. It still amazes me that I went from riding a steel cyclocross bike, and racing backstroke in the reverse sprint to living and training at the Olympic Training Center. It has only been about a year since I got back in the water and got on a bike. Remembering this made realize how far I have come as a swimmer and as a cyclist in a short time. Just the boost of confidence I needed before racing this weekend.

I also found myself thinking about my career choice. I graduated almost two years ago with my undergraduate degree in Architecture and a minor in Spanish. What am I doing with my life? Oh yeah, pushing my limits and trying to make dreams come true. I went from a perpetual A student and an athlete to working several odd end jobs more or less related to my degree. And now, the direction I finally decide is professional athlete. I would have never seen that coming. But I also consider myself very lucky to have a chance to make swimming, biking, and running my office.

I have the insight to understand that my window as a pro athlete is 10-15 years. Frequently I brainstorm about a “normal” job when the racing days are over. I have always been interested in design, hence the Architecture degree, but I learned in my time after college that that specific field isn’t quite what I want to do with my life. For so long, I lived a bi-polar life with student on one side and athlete on the other. But now I find myself highly interested into how these two formerly exclusive interests in my life could blend. I am thinking seriously about product design and development, especially for performance gear. Image how cool it would be designing the next age of road bikes, or running shoes or sun glasses.

For now, I’ll keep focused on this year’s goals. And wish me luck; I take off in the morning to race the amateur race at the WTS San Diego triathlon. I am thinking of this as take two in starting my season.