A year ago I would have never imagined my current situation. At that time, I was working anywhere from 1-4 jobs depending on the week. I graduated with degree in Architectural Design and wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself when I found the diploma resting in my hand.  I started working part time as a Barista at a local coffee house in addition to working with a local architect and his wife plus picking up other small design gigs on the side. I also kept up with my training, as it was the only constant I could keep, and has always been my balance in life. I chose to take this route after undergrad, as I wasn’t quite sure what my next step in life would be. Graduate School? Apply to, and work at a Firm? Pursue Track and Field? And so here I am after a sudden and successful first season in triathlon presented with the opportunity to turn this sport into a livelihood.

The newly formed Black Dog Tri Club (www.blackdogtri.ning.com) based in Albuquerque has already done so much for me in the 2012 season helped me so much this season, and now the closely related Chasing 3 Race Productions (www.Chasing3.com) surprised me by becoming my title sponsor for 2013. I am excited to represent the team and New Mexico next year. The next company to commit to supporting me in 2013 is Club Ride Apparel (www.clubrideapparel.com).  This awesome company makes quality cycling clothing that doubles as fashionable casual clothing. I have always been rough on my clothes with my active life style, I am lucky to have a good deal with a company that makes clothes that can handle my bike commuting, training, and general outdoor lifestyle!

I never thought I’d be so lucky to be working through the process of finding sponsors to team up with as I build my athletic career. Here is to making 2013 a successful year for me in triathlon!